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Corners without curb cuts Broken sidewalks Ficus tree sidewalk upheaval Poorly signaled traffic lights Cars in driveways blocking sidewalk Fallen trees across sidewalk Sidewalks closed indefinitely for construction Mysterious deep puddles (it hasn’t rained in months) City parking lot without elevator or pedestrian ramp Sprinklers watering sidewalk Drivers turning right without yielding to pedestrians Lack… Read more »

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Bill Tatham, from the Sausalito office, was assisting with the student program in Los Angeles last week when he snapped this iconic image. And while there are many standout attractions in LA, Dodger Stadium is truly in a league of its own. Even those who are not baseball fanatics will appreciate the sensual qualities of… Read more »


The importance of identity is of reoccurring interest in the profession and garners special concern when a city undergoes modernization. In fact, identity seems to drive these types of transformations; and although cities keep a tight hold on identities they know to represent them well, they often lack the strength to execute based on those… Read more »

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Branding Wall is the 12′x10′ exposed concrete surface in the entry hall at SWA’s San Francisco office. The concept is to change the installation several times a year, not only to promote the office but also to encourage employees to use their talents on a non work-related project. My idea was to create a continuing… Read more »

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Drought combined with erratic patterns of excessive rain—this seems to be the new normal for North American cities. 2012 was the worst drought on the continent in 50 years. Higher-intensity hurricanes and rainfall—like we saw with Hurricane Sandy—are increasing flooding, costing the US over $2 billion annually and putting increased pressure on our already stressed… Read more »


I was fortunate to grow up in a house with a large backyard slightly north of Seattle. Above all, in this Pacific Northwest paradise of seasons and ample rain, my parents prioritized making time for their beautiful and prolific vegetable garden, and it remains one of the clearest memories of my childhood (in addition to… Read more »