Landscape infrastructure is an evolutionary approach to strategizing economically and environmentally sustainable multipurpose infrastructure systems, reversing urban sprawl and regenerating our invaluable natural resources.

As the world faces an urgent need for new and repaired infrastructure systems, design and planning professionals have the crucial opportunity to reimagine networks that support multiple uses and functions. Multipurpose infrastructure conserves land, shares the financial load of its development, restores previously overlooked or damaged natural ecologies, reinforces healthy transit options, and provides public access to much needed open space.

SWA believes that landscape architects are uniquely poised to lead the collaborative efforts needed for these impactful projects. As a profession trained to study the broader environmental, social, and cultural contexts of design, and to anticipate the programming needed to activate public places, we can serve as ideal advocates who recognize the opportunities to redefine infrastructure and to resurrect the invisible natural systems currently at great risk.


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