First comes the sun, then come the savings. Weather permitting, SWA Sausalito’s annual electricity bill could be cut by as much as 44% compared with last year’s figure. After two weeks of impressive overhead racket, a 198-module solar PV system now resides on adjoining south-facing roof exposures of the office building. Sun Light & Power’s Michael Charters details the conversion process:

“The 60.39 kW DC system is comprised of two roof-mounted arrays that are grid tied to the utility power. The array fields are made up of a series of modules that create DC currents and these currents move in conduits from the fields to inverters, which convert the DC current into AC current. The AC current either powers the main electrical panel or spins the electrical utility meter backwards, allowing the current to be measured either as a credit or as energy savings.”

And when the notoriously fickle local weather does not permit? These particular modules apparently perform well even under low light conditions. Stay tuned for an operational update.


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