Created by of the founders of GOOD, the Goldhirsh Foundation supports innovators through grants whose ideas can shape and change the world.   This year the Goldhirsh Foundation is tackling a new approach to grant making through the “My LA2050 challenge.”  This application is specific to the Los Angeles region and the opportunities for its future, but open to voting by everyone. My LA2050 will support the areas of arts & cultural vitality, education, environmental quality, health, housing, income & employment, public safety and social connectedness.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with From Lot to Spot, we submitted an application that addresses the need for urban revitalization by the greening of community spaces: we have seven days left to collect votes for the project to receive funding (deadline: April 17, 2013)!

Our goal is to create a planning and implementation tool that will assist in the realization and installation of simple landscape based interventions.  The manual will lay out details on how to identify and create green space networks in low-income communities and how to implement green spaces with the utmost respect to the environment.  Given the opportunity we would provide communities, city officials, friends and neighbors a tool to create much needed green spaces throughout Los Angeles.

Can you imagine a Los Angeles with a large system of parks, gardens, micro-spaces, plazitas, parklets, pedestrian walkways that lead to and from work, play and living spaces?  By taking simple ideologies of space, connectivity and landscape, Los Angeles can become a beacon for urban environments around the country.  We want the community to be involved in the planning and construction of green spaces which are in their neighborhoods, to make a deeper connection to their environment.  These are grassroots play spaces, nature spaces and contemplative spaces.  With the implementation of these green spaces, Los Angeles will reap the benefits of planting trees and vegetation that sequester carbon emissions and improve air quality; designing permeable surfaces such as low/no-mow grasses and porous paving will capture and clean stormwater; creating beautiful, clean green spaces will spur economic investment; and providing areas where adults and youth can interact with the natural environment in their neighborhoods will create ample health and wellness opportunities by combating nature deficit disorder.

These will be green spaces that will support communities to thrive, not just survive.

Please vote for this project and help us make a significant impact in Los Angeles!

Thank you!


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