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Formatted Thoughts on Tall Building Groundscapes_001

Groundscapes for tall buildings cannot be after thoughts, secondary to the design of the tower itself.

Planning the uses of the groundscape should be considered in the earliest stages of design so that the way the building is situated on the site doesn’t create undesirable environments due to high winds, harsh sun, or unbearable noise from the surrounding city.

The relationship of the site needs to consider and connect with the surrounding street scene so that passersby are engaged visually as they move along, not disrupted with garage and delivery entries that put pedestrians on high traffic streets at risk. Required setbacks are opportunities for open space in these dense urban settings and should be available to the public.

By including features such as shade structures, fountains, lawns and casual seating, pedestrians are drawn into the space and linger through ground floor storefronts. Broad sidewalks that relieve congestion during daily commutes are also useful when activated with programmed events that can attract new visitors to the area.


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