SWA, in conjunction with From Lot to Spot and the Environmental Charter High School, is working on a project on the Dominguez Creek Waterway in Los Angeles. The students created conceptual designs of amenities they would like to see implemented in addition to the initial design. We are currently in the process of presenting these designs at community meetings in Lawndale.

Earlier we wrote about the Dominguez Creek Waterway project. This project is part of a larger Initiative that was created in 2010 in memory of Patrick Curran, a former SWA employee. The project is also covered in more detail on From Lot to Spot’s website. A brief excerpt about the project:

“We started 2 years ago with the Friends y Amigos of the Dominguez Watershed (FADW) and discussed obtaining resources for and creating awareness about the Dominguez Channel. Other waterways in the County were getting so much love and somehow the DC has become the neglected, ugly step-child of river and watershed restoration in LA County.

Not anymore.

We are working in partnership with Los Angeles County Public Works, and the FADW to green the Dominguez Channel. Over the course of the next year, From Lot to Spot along with Friends y Amigos of the Dominguez Watershed and various partners will engage in comprehensive community engagement to restore the Dominguez Channel, nay CREEK, so that one day it may resemble maybe even a glimpse of its once natural beauty and community members can have access to the entire 15.7 miles of bicycle trails.

We have begun with the Spaces of Blight class to take the necessary steps to restore this space and in addition create access to necessary recreation opportunities along the Dominguez Creek.”


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