Urban heat island effect is measured as the temperature difference between the air within the urban canopy layer and that measured in rural areas.  Built urban environments can suppress air movements, obstructing cool flows and exacerbating pollution.  However, as Alexander Robinson argues in his research for SWA, “high density cities may be our best sustainable… Read more »


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The 48,876 miles of national highways consume 1% of the land in the U.S., which is about the size of South Carolina. This network conceived our sprawling land use habits, extended our commutes and expanded our waistlines. In Los Angeles, the nation’s capital of traffic jams, the average person loses 93 hours yearly sitting in… Read more »


The Atlanta Connector will remain the City’s most significant and visible infrastructural corridor for the foreseeable future, so  any transformation has to embrace the Connector as an integral part of the City of Atlanta. This project aims–not to make the Connector disappear–but to use the Connector as a transformative piece of the City’s open space… Read more »