The Olympic Games brings people together from all over the world in the spirit of competition. The challenge for any Games creation is to create a festive experience for the participants, visitors, and crowds during the time of the games, while also creating a place that can last past the short-lived Olympic ceremonies. In this proposal for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, our competition entry transforms from a robust mix of neighborhood uses and open spaces surrounding the Olympic infrastructure. The aim is to have a site with an uninterrupted life from the Olympics forward.

SWA provided the master planning and landscape architecture for the 118-hectare site in the neighborhood Barra da Tijuca. The underlying concept, “Embrace,” weaves a grand planning gesture through the design to provide a lasting identity while also defining the spine of the Olympic Games. The elements within the plan include ‘Games,’ ‘Transition,’ and ‘Legacy,’ that are integrated over time. Strategies for urban design, accessibility, and sustainability are underwritten by a comprehensive landscape infrastructure that creates cohesive open spaces, circulation systems, and ultimately, experiences.

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