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SWA is currently working with the Environmental Charter High School in Hawthorn on a project on the Dominguez Creek Waterway.

This project is part of a larger Initiative that was created in 2010 in memory of Patrick Curran, a former SWA employee. The Patrick Timothy Curran Initiative (PTCI) has pledged its efforts to this project with the challenge of improving habitat, providing public open space for a park-poor community, and facilitating a youth and community-based stewardship effort. Working with a Los Angeles non-profit organization, From Lot to Spot, PTCI is fundraising to contribute trees, plants, and landscape materials for the site improvement project, which will culminate in a community-planting day in the spring of 2012.

The Dominguez Creek Enhancement and Engagement Project (DEEP) is a 5,000 square foot barren site along a degraded waterway in Hawthorne, California. The project proposes to increase native upland habitat along the Dominguez Channel, reduce the need for herbicides, and support awareness and public use of the bikeway. The proposal’s goals include: youth and community-based stewardship and public access of the Dominguez channel and watershed, capacity-building for From Lot to Spot and Friends/Amigos of the Dominguez Watershed, and developing partnerships with regional organizations and public agencies. SWA is currently working with the students to develop concepts for the creek that they will then present at a community meeting in March. The project is expected to begin construction in February 2012.


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