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Addressing natural disasters from a landscape architecture perspective requires a balanced approach. This statement focused my master’s project at West Virginia University. I chose the dam crisis issue as my topic when I learned that the risk of dam failure has been rapidly increasing due to the aging of dams and the high intensity of… Read more »

Desert Greening3

Deserts currently make up about 33 percent of the Earth’s land surface area, with more being co-opted every day. When one thinks of deserts, they usually picture arid places with little to no vegetation. However that’s not always the case anymore. “Desert Greening” is the term used to describe the phenomenon of taking over existing… Read more »


First comes the sun, then come the savings. Weather permitting, SWA Sausalito’s annual electricity bill could be cut by as much as 44% compared with last year’s figure. After two weeks of impressive overhead racket, a 198-module solar PV system now resides on adjoining south-facing roof exposures of the office building. Sun Light & Power’s… Read more »

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