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After moving to Shanghai early this year, my husband and I eagerly visited the Bund, Pudong, Yu Gardens, and several other classic attractions within our first few weeks in China. One of several temples we visited was Jing’an Temple, which was closest to our home. All of the temples had ornate incense burners and pagodas,… Read more »

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Sitting just north of Allen’s Landing, near the confluence of the White Oak and Buffalo bayous and bisected by two major roadways and rail lines, lies Houston’s historic Warehouse District. It’s situated close enough to downtown to be considered one of its ten districts, yet its unique location, obscured by layers of both manmade and… Read more »


Honestly, part of the reason I volunteered to help the Institute of Outdoor Theatre develop a guide for aspiring outdoor performance organizations was filial duty—my Dad works there, and he needed a landscape architect’s contribution. The other was that we use amphitheaters as a ubiquitous public space typology—with the implied ‘if you build it, they… Read more »


At the turn of the 20th century, only ten percent of the world’s population resided in cities; today, that number has grown to nearly fifty percent. Paul Romer, Director of the Marron Institute at NYU, projects that “in 100 years, there will be about five billion more urban residents in the evolving world than there… Read more »

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Bill Tatham, from the Sausalito office, was assisting with the student program in Los Angeles last week when he snapped this iconic image. And while there are many standout attractions in LA, Dodger Stadium is truly in a league of its own. Even those who are not baseball fanatics will appreciate the sensual qualities of… Read more »


The importance of identity is of reoccurring interest in the profession and garners special concern when a city undergoes modernization. In fact, identity seems to drive these types of transformations; and although cities keep a tight hold on identities they know to represent them well, they often lack the strength to execute based on those… Read more »