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SWA leads an option studio at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Fall Semester 2013   “Essayons!” meaning “Let us try” in French, was the motto first used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1775. The motto has since evolved to “Building Strong,” reflecting its mission to “strengthen the nation’s security,… Read more »

The 48,876 miles of national highways consume 1% of the land in the U.S., which is about the size of South Carolina. This network conceived our sprawling land use habits, extended our commutes and expanded our waistlines. In Los Angeles, the nation’s capital of traffic jams, the average person loses 93 hours yearly sitting in… Read more »

Landscape infrastructure is about seeing old things in new ways – new uses, functions and opportunities for the next generation of our essential systems. This month we look at four landscape infrastructure projects by four different design teams within SWA. Each week, here on the Landscape Infrastructure advocacy page, we’ll post a new project and… Read more »